10 Tips to Wear Jeans Well Over 50 Years old

10 Tips to Wear Jeans Well Over 50 Years old


This basic also has its place in the senior’s closet! Our tips to accommodate it properly.

1 – Make a canvas. For maximum comfort, choose soft, fine, and fluid fabrics. And when we have shapes, we prefer compositions mixed with stretch.

2 – Wager on white. Always chic, the white cotton poplin shirt, enhanced by a cuff bracelet or a pretty necklace, is the best friend of jeans pants or skirt.

3 – Find the right fit. There are a lot of dresses this year in the collections. On strong hips, the flared tunic models do wonderfully. On a pretty marked waist, the belted shirt dress draws the silhouette. In summer, we can wear it open by slipping under a satin combination dress.

4 – Avoid lapels. They are no longer popular, or only in mini version: no more than 1cm wide and, above all, without thickness (you roll the bottom of the pants twice maximum).

5 – Dare to be fanciful. The panty skirt is one of the strongest pieces of the season. The advantage of choosing it in denim is that it is worn with everything. But if one measures less than 1 m 70, one takes height with shoes with small heels.

6 – Try the shirt. It can be worn at any age as long as you combine it with more sophisticated pieces. Sure values: the option open on a small plain three-hole dress or on a silk tank top.

7 – Preserve the glamour. Zap the classic jackets that look too junior. We prefer more feminine and couture shapes like the collarless, slightly fitted versions that go well with a straight skirt or pinch pants.

8 – To play the sobriety. In order not to fall into the teenager look, we wear only one piece of denim per outfit, no more!

9 – Allow yourself the accessory. The collections include shoes and handbags. Perfect to give pep to an outfit (and when you don’t assume denim clothes).

10 – Turn your jacket over. If one wants to avoid that the fabric loses its color too quickly, one washes the clothes cold and inside out (never above 30°C) by choosing a delicate cycle. And as the tumble dryer tends to shrink the fabric, you take out the dryer.



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