6 Principles To Dress With Style

Dress with style


“Have style.” That’s a phrase you’ve heard before. But what is having style? How do you define “style”, and how do you apply it? Mademoiselle Grenade has taken a look at the subject and has put together a collection of clothing tips to help you in your quest for “style”.

1- Show Your Personality To Assert Your Style

Having style is having a style. By definition, this means not replicating what you see everywhere, and not having a look that is too classic and all-purpose. Clearly, having style is daring to put personality into your clothing choices. Transmit a little bit of yourself by associating and combining clothes according to trends but above all according to your tastes.

2- Dressing With Style Is Also A Question of The Silhouette.

Every woman can have her own style. Strapless or round? With wide thighs or small shoulders? With big legs or small gams? Every woman can find her own style, as long as she finds clothes adapted to her morphology (see our Guide according to morphology). Being a person with style doesn’t mean rushing into fashionable outfits. It means going to choose from the novelties that correspond to you, and transform it.




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