7 Professional Tips To Protect Your Long Hair From The Sun

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While it is important to protect your skin from the sun’s rays, we think less about protecting our hair. Wrongly so, because it is in the front line of UVA and UVB rays emitted by the sun that will severely damage the hair fibre. Discover the tricks of the hairdressing pro to protect your long hair from the sun.

Farniente and seawater do not mix. At least for our hair. And people with long hair know what it’s all about. Your hair has become drier after your tanning session. And if you’ve decided to take a dip in the sea or pool, salt and chlorine are added to the bill. So yes, in summer, your hair will lighten by a quarter to half a tone and take on beautiful, naturally golden or coppery highlights depending on your hair colour. But in reality, this is a sign of a deeper hair disorder.
While the sun has the advantage of increasing the production of melanin in the skin – which is just a skin reaction to protect itself from UV rays – and therefore gives a nice tanned complexion, it’s not the same story for hair. Ultraviolet rays will have the effect of breaking down the melanin present on the hair fibres. They will therefore lighten. Saltwater and chlorine will attack the keratin, a major component of hair. The hair will thus be more fragile in summer than in other seasons. And this is not immediately reversible. It is necessary to wait until the hair falls out and others grow back – which will be coloured with the melanin produced by the bulb – to recover its original colour and appearance.

But nothing is inevitable, by applying these few gestures recommended by hairdressing professionals, you will be able to protect your hair from the inconveniences of the sun, but also from salt and chlorine.

1- Apply a preventive treatment

“Before you leave, you have to protect the fibre and when you come back from your holidays, you have to tighten it up,” says Jordy Brechkoff, Redken Artist. There are two ways to do this: do it in a salon at a professional salon or use a keratin-based treatment at home. The advantage is that the same product if properly selected, can do both.

2- Moisturize hair well

The sun and the wind added to the salty air of the beach will act as a scrub on the hair, which can strongly damage it. Jordy Brechkoff and Axel Joubert, a hairdresser at Jean-Marc Joubert salons, agree that hydration is the key. To keep maximum hydration throughout the day, take a moisturizing hair mist and spray it regularly on your hair.



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