7 Professional Tips To Protect Your Long Hair From The Sun


3- Always use oils with sunscreen

If you take good care of your skin in the summer, you know that while monoi is ideal for enhancing your tan, it does not protect against UV rays, and on the contrary, creates a magnifying glass effect on the skin that makes them even more harmful. In other words, it bakes!
As on the skin, putting oil on your hair will have the effect of burning the hair fibre. So if you want to put a little oil on your tips to protect them from drying out while you’re swimming, nourish them or simply make them more beautiful, opt for a version containing a 30-50 SPF filter. This will prevent sun damage and help you keep your hair looking beautiful all summer long.

4- Use a hat or scarf

We all remember our parents always telling us to put on a hat when we went out in the sun. If we did it reluctantly, it was not so innocuous. If it prevents the headaches associated with overexposure to the sun, as well as the formation of spots and wrinkles on the face, the use of a hat or a pretty scarf is the most effective way to protect hair from UVA and UVB rays. Indeed, these ultraviolet rays penetrate the textile less easily.



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